Because God, You’re Worth It

This was a guest post I was privileged to be allowed to do for an incredible company. lil’ light o’ mine is helping equip us moms by providing us tools. Creative tools to inspire us as we raise our kiddos to live a life worthy of their calling. Make sure to check them out…

The other night at dinner, we had my oldest son Luke say the prayer before dinner. I was expecting the “God our Father…” or “Our Father…”, I mean these are the ones I knew he knew and had heard before. Now one thing to note also is that we never “script” him either. We let him say what he will , how he will, and we truly don’t feel the need to tell him what he needs to say because we want him to develop the kind of relationship with Jesus that they just talk.

Well, the words that came out of Luke’s mouth just blew me away. “Dear God, thank you for my family, our food, and God, we love you, because you’re worth it. Amen” My heart melted. Are you kidding me, my four year old knowing that God is worth it. God is worth everything in our lives that we live for. For me as an adult, he’s worth my life, my money, my time, my love. For my four year old, God is worth everything, his fish sticks, his toys, his night night, his brother, his soccer ball, his daddy, his mommy, his hot pizza, his grapes. I just love how we as parents have the opportunity to cultivate and encourage our children to know that no matter what, God is worth it. Please Lord, equip me and guide me to always be able to show my boys that you are worth it. Worth our lives, worth our efforts, worth our everything.

If a four year old boy can know Christ is worth it, I can certainly live my live in a manner that shows I believe my Jesus is worth it. What are the things that you can be doing to live as though you believe Jesus is worth it?

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