I’m praying…

Today I am praying for life to take root-literally.

I’m praying for these little guys to implant and start the influx of crazy hormones into their mom. Hormones that many of us take for granted, yet are life lines for women who yearn for them to take over their bodies.

I’m praying for the life that God is birthing in my heart to keep growing. I am talking true, free, breathing, moving, living life. Life in my heart and the hearts of my boys and my friends and my family.

I’m praying that women and men who don’t know how to TRULY be friends with people  would allow need to exude from their pores and risk being rejected.

I’m praying that the ability to love and be loved would override the ability to fight and protect and withdraw.

I’m praying that men who have been emasculated would know just how cool and amazing the women in their lives think they are.

I’m praying that the women who think they have to do everything and do it perfectly would know that they can say no and what they end up saying yes to doesn’t have to be perfect.

I’m praying for moms that are raising boys, that we would let them be boys that will become men and not what the world says they should be.

I’m praying for moms that are raising girls, that they would let them be girls that will become women and not what the world says they should be.

I’m praying that these boys know these girls are God’s princesses and that these girls know these boys are God’s sons. Each to be honored, treasured, and celebrated. NOT ridiculed, shamed, or abused.

I’m praying that people would be growing and learning how to walk in the amazing way God created them to be and not accepting anything less than what God has for them.

I’m praying for new friendships and relationships. I’m praying that I would see what God sees when I look at me. I’m praying that my heart would be healed from hurts I didn’t even know existed. I’m praying that my perfectionism and shame would be left at the foot of the cross.

I’m praying for the life that the man who hung on that cross died for me to experience. I’m praying for the hearts I interact with to know he died for them and their lives too-every part of them. I’m praying that the grace of my savior would breathe life into my relationships, my home, and my heart.

That’s all for this moment.

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1 Response to I’m praying…

  1. Kassie says:

    That’s beautiful friend! I will join yo in that prayer!

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